Track your time spent on computers


the efficiency expert for your PC

Surfing the Internet? Playing games? Chatting? Sleeping?
When it comes to efficiency, you need help

Manage computer usage with OptimUser

OptimUser is very easy
to install and use
all data is encrypted.
Only you will know
get results within 1 hour
OptimUser helps decrease time-wasting activities NOW
OptimUser is ideal for small businesses or teams of up to 25 employees.
We will send you an email so that you remember OptimUser when you are at your computer.
„OptimUser tells me exactly how much time my employees spend on non-work websites. Due to the nature of our profession we cannot disable their access to the internet. However, website monitoring significantly minimized the time on work unrelated sites.“
Libor Jaša

Owner of IMAO electric, Ltd.

„OptimUser software showed me in detail how I spend my working time. It helps me to maximize the efficiency of my own work.“
„I know everything, even when I'm not in the office. When my staff really worked on their computers - and when they did not.“

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